Redefine Your
Easy Network

AX 3200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router

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Next Generation Technology of Wi-Fi
4 High-Gain Antenne
Parental Control
Smart Home System
Up To 64 Devices
Smart Home System

Best Design
that recognized by Pro's

Reddot Award 2021 Winner

Powerfull Enterprise grade Chip

best coverage ―

Signal Coverage
Throughout the Home

Beamforming and 4 high-gain antennas for maximum range and coverage

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Connect Up 64 Devices
Cover Up To 1500 sq.feet
Works through Mesh Principle

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Benefits of the Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6

Faster speed, higher capacity,
stronger coverage

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smart home solution

Built for Multi-Devices

IoT Security

Ultra-Fast Wired Ports




High-Gain Antennas
& 8 Independent FEM
For both 2.4G & 5G,
the Maximum Coverage

flexible & smart―

One Click, Mesh More, Secure All

Only one click and you can mesh with other Reyee routers

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128* Devices
64* Optimal Experience
3 Connected Devices
No Fear Dead Zones

Dual Setting Method Easy and Convenient

Web & Mobile Solutions allows more control


Complete features from
Reyee suite of solutions.


Access to Reyee Router
App anywhere, anytime.

Security First.

We concerned about security

Home Network Security

Life-time free security for whole-home Wi-Fi network

Parental Control
Smart Home

Parental Controls

Life-time free security for whole-home Wi-Fi network

Time Limit
Regularly disconnect the Internet, regulate children’s healthy Internet access, and prevent addiction
Information Query
Support user online time query. Online time includes yesterday and today

Internet Privacy

Life-time free security for whole-home Wi-Fi network

Payment Security
Information Query

Manage it all,
in this all new system.

Reyee keeps your team’s work on-brand, on message, and on time.
Innovative features make creating and sharing your work feel effortless.