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We are meshed router experts and innovators that weave your everyday internet.

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About Reyee

The Reyee Story

Reyee is a globally based brand that specializes in wireless routers for household units, enterprises and the hospitality industry. 600 ambitious talents from more than 50 countries gathered in Reyee with the same mission and value.

Our Values

How we do it is as important as what we do.

R-Redefine series

R-Redefine series is the art of industrial design and hardcore products. we are using it for "decorative purposes" to display internal antenna routers.

E-Eternal series

E-Eternal series is the art of universal design and high-gain products. It will be used for displaying omnidirectional High-gain antenna routers

Y-series & more

Y-series & more is the representative of future new product line, TBD.


Reyee works with great success stories.

See how our customers benefit from working with a fully integrated platform.

Look at proven results.
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6000+ Employees

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50+ Global Branch Offices

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The Art of Reyee

Reyee is the brand name we used for our new international marketing platform Amazon. The product series will use the letter from brand name to assemble different lines.

The term "Reyee" has roots in the Spirits of our department culture "Redefine your easy network" (RE-Y-E-E) and "re+eye+ye" (reopen your view) in Greek (Re-again, Ye-you all. A knowledge of correct letter forms and composition is also important with our responsibility and willingness.

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Our Process

No product is too complex, no detail too small.

Starting with interviewing clients, setting goals and timelines, we plan ahead to make sure that even the most complex projects go flawlessly, from the very beginning to the last final touches put to the final product.


We offer a 360º approach.

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and Marketing

We will get to know your goals, and then we will find the best approach.

Icon execution and production
and Production

Be it creating network solutions, we’ve got you covered.

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Easier and

We create a consistent experience among our products to create the best experience.

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Beautiful networking solutions that will help your business run up quickly.


Read what our happy clients say before you join their midst.

Testimonial David Miller
David Miller
President / Uncerog
"I am new to this technology, but I know cloud networking is essential. That's where Reyee comes in. It is efficient that we can manage everything!"
Testimonial Mark Rosst
Mark Rosst
Marketing Director / Silverrost
"I was sick and tired of spinning my wheels with routers. I am not a professional, but Reyee makes it super easy to get my internet on the track."
Testimonial Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams
President / Newshoes
"Before, I had to spend time watching tutorials and work with IT about configurations. Now, hours of settings is now done in seconds.
Testimonial Nicole Jones
Nicole Jones
CMO / Subeight inc.
"Imagine you could have a network expert at your fingertips, to get rid all of your internet settings for you. Well, Reyee does it."
Testimonial Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson
President of Marketing / Icepi
"You can customize those settings to make the perfect needs for your business. The results are stunning and you, as a user, have total control over what goes in."
Testimonial Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor
Marketing Director / Ypsilon Inc.
"Everyone needs a little help from time to time, and often that comes in the form of a second opinion. This is where Reyee can come in handy."
Testimonial Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Robinson
CEO / Bigger Earth Company
"I have had the privilege of using Reyee to manage my whole office Wi-Fi. The platform is so easy to use that it does not require me any technical skills."
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Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
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